The Old Aqueduct of Genoa is an old architectural structure located in the Val Bisagno, which ensured for centuries the water supply of the city of Genoa and its port. It begins in the area of Bargagli, in the upper valley of “La Presa”, and runs through the whole neighbourhoods of Struppa, Molassana, Staglieno and the Circonvallazione a monte bypass, in the district of Castelletto, where it divides into two branches that ended near the old port, one at the dock and the other in the Piazza Cavour, after having fed the large cistern of the Piazza Sarzano.

Today the aqueduct is a hiking footpath (not for cycling) along approximately 28km, in a setting significant under many points of view: the civil and monumental architecture, such as the canal bridge over the stream Rio Torbido or the portal of the Barabino alla Rovinata; the industrial archaeology of the siphon bridge on the river Geirato and its twin on the Veilino; the nature walks along the Pino sottano - Trensasco; and the gorge of the Fossato Cicala. All of these testify that the aqueduct camouflaged its way into the city centre.

Video made with the European Fund for Regional Development 2007-2013. By Cristiano Palozzi

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