The 18th century - First floor

The Genoese uprising of 1746 and the myth of the Balilla
Since the 18th century, the Balilla – the heroic boy who on 5 December bravely kickstarted the insurrection against the Austrians – has become the symbol of patriotism among Italian youth. The myth was maintained over the decades, adapted to the different historical periods.
Some of the contemporary paintings of the museum have a historical value, as their painters were among the protagonists of those events; the myth of the Balilla from 1847-1848 is also documented through leaflets, posters and patriotic memorabilia.

The Jacobin Republic (17971805)
After centuries of aristocratic government, Genoa follows the example of revolutionary France and becomes a Democratic Republic.
In the museum, the then new political climate is well depicted in a series of allegorical paintings by Felice Guascone. There are numerous references to the siege of the city, defended by General Massena from the anti-Napoleonic armies between 21 April and 4 June 1800.

Genoa annexed to Napoleon’s empire (18051814)
The influence of France turns into full domination and Genoa becomes one of the three French departments in which Liguria is divided.
In this context, some of the most significant documents include the patent letter in parchment signed by Napoleon, giving Genoa the use of its emblem, and the plaster model of the monument to the emperor erected in Piazza dell’Acquaverde and destroyed after his defeat of 1814.

Genoa during the Restoration
After the fall of Napoleon, the European Powers assembled in the Congress of Vienna and drew the new map of Europe, “restoring” the old governments. Only Liguria did not regain its freedom, but was rather annexed to the despotic rule of the King of Sardinia.

Opere nella sala

Assalto e presa della porta di San Tommaso
Oil painting on canvas, cm. 86x86
Donation of Innocenzo Bisso 1989
Declatation of Perasso said Balilla (1847 c.)
cm. 30x19,5
Edoardo Cabella Donation 1906
I trei eroi du popolo zeneise
cm. 36,5x28.50
Donation of Roberto Pittaluga, 1921
 Liguria in 1814
Oil painting on canvas, cm. 84,5 x 104
Acquisition Roberto Pittaluga 1927
Portoria 5 december 1746
Oil painting on canvas, cm. 86x86
Donation of Innocenzo Bisso 1989