The Columbian Room

The Sala Colombiana (Colombian Room) is named after the marble sculpture in the western lodge: Colombo Giovinetto, realised by Giulio Monteverde in 1872.
The main reception area of the castle, this room aims to document, through the books of its library, some of the fields of interest of Captain D’Albertis: from the navy to his explorations, from literature and hunting, through map-making and archaeology, to sundials and natural sciences…The Colombian Room thus becomes a “cabinet of curiosities” and “chamber of wonders”. The collections from overseas were exhibited in the museum on the ground floor, which also includes vegetable samples, ethnographic materials, as well as mineral and animal samples, thus documenting a still indistinct approach to natural sciences, geology and anthropology, and an instinctive inclination towards amazement and wonder.

The Library of Captain DAlbertis in the Colombian Room amounts to over 1,300 books. In addition to the books written by the Captain himself, there are volumes of all kinds, testifying to his eclectic character.
The majority of the books deal with themes of seafaring, travel or history, with particular attention to Christopher Columbus and his ships. There are also many books on astronomy and sundials, but there are also treaties of architecture or medicine, novels, and even books on occultism.
Also noteworthy are the volumes of Luis Salvador of Habsburg, son of Leopold II of Tuscany and a great friend of the Captain, as well as some 16th-century religious tomes, which belonged to Archbishop Gio Battista D’Albertis (1784-1862), great-uncle of the Captain.
The library is open to consultation by appointment.