The house of an art lover - Third floor

An article with the same title appeared in the magazine Domus in 1955, describing the last floor of the annexe of the Palazzo Rosso, the Dipendenze, which rationalist architect Franco Albini (1905-1977) had renovated to make it the home of the then Director of the Civic Museums, Caterina Marcenaro (1906-1976), and to exhibit his personal art collection.
Antique pieces were placed in the three communicating reception rooms – i. e. living room, dining room and fireplace – and in the bedroom as elements of a unified composition which also included modern elements, such as the fireplace and other furniture designed by Albini himself; it was a balanced mix of the old and the new, which Domus described as a distinguishing feature of the Italian architecture of those years.
After the death of Caterina Marcenaro, the collection left the Palazzo as per her will, and the apartment was used for habitation purposes for a few years, before being converted to offices.

As part of the restoration of the Palazzo Rosso in 2004 and a more extensive recovery of its habitation purpose through more than three centuries, the rooms were renovated, restoring their architectural dignity with a décor reminiscent of Albini’s choices. To this end, ancient works have been selected among purchases, gifts and legacies of collectors of the 20th century, with particular reference to Costantino Nigro (1894-1967), antiquarian and Genoese patron, as well as close friend of Caterina Marcenaro; further, the modern furnishings are all examples of Franco Albini’s quality designs.