Patterned and embroidered fabrics

The art of silk, of which Genoa is one of the most important centres in 15th-century Europe, is represented in the Textile Collections by several precious velvet pieces, some of which were produced locally, and patterned silks from the 17th-18th centuries, including satins, damasks and lampases, characterised by complex and sumptuous designs, to be used for the dresses of aristocrats, home décor of stately homes, and liturgical furnishings. There are also numerous, notable embroidered fabrics, evidence of an art form that peaked between the 16th and 18th century, including some Renaissance and Baroque pieces, and several 18th-century embroideries. A series of embroidered napkins of Ottoman production dates back to the 19th century, evidence of the centuries-old relationship between Genoa and the Turkish world.