Second floor: The rooms of the apartment inhabited by the Mazzini family - Second floor

The study of Giuseppe Mazzini
Mazzini’s study has been rebuilt, with his desk and some of his objects, such as glasses, briefcases, a stationery box, and a chess board with pieces and case.
Among them, the beloved guitar he brought with him in exile, as the music expert he was, and a music sheet titled “Song of the Bernese Herdswomen”, inspired by a shepherd song, composed in 1836 in Grenchen, in the canton of Berne, during his exile in Switzerland.
On the table rests a book of “zibaldoni”, Mazzini’s written notes and autographs dating from his youth.

The bedroom of Mazzini
In the room where Mazzini was born, his memorabilia are on display, which he left in the houses of the Genoese friends, who briefly hosted him in Genoa when he was wanted by the police. Several private documents and editions of his main writings are also exhibited.
The adjoining room includes a section on young Mazzini, from his first experiences in the Carbonari conspiratorial organisation to the Giovine Italia. This allows for a more in-depth look at his oath as an agreement between free individuals, aimed to found the nation, understood as “the universality of the Italians, in an agreed brotherhood and living under a common law”. A new didactic section has also been realised, thanks to the help of the Unità Tecnica di Missione for the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy.