Sundials Room

The second room on the main floor of the home of Captain D’Albertis is the Sala delle Meridiane (Sundials Room), also known as Sala del Camino (Chimney) or Sala Gotica (Gothic Room): Edmondo De Amicis eventually removed any ambiguity, by calling the room the “study of a wanderer pintor of sundials”.
In this room, the Captain designed the sundials that he built all over the world, of which some photographs still exist. Some of the tools he used to build them, which he carried in a trunk that reads “Istrumenti. E. A. D’A. “, are exhibited here, alongside some portable sundials arranged in one of the original boards of the 19th-century museum.
The original furnishings and the tools of the Captain give the room tones of both familiar identity and citizenship, also evoked by the theme of Columbus’s discovery.

The Sundials
To mark time during his stops on the mainland, between the towers, loggias and terraces of his home, the Captain built 10 solar clocks of the most varied forms, with an accompanying motto: marble slabs engraved or painted with images of evanescent fairies reaching out to represent the hours, enigmatic metal basins with astronomical records, globes on pedestals wrapped in the darkness of the night or in the daylight, the bust of Columbus with his will...
(N.B. The webpage describing this room includes pictures of some of the sundials the Captain made for his the castle and other places)