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Thursday and Friday 11 am - 6.30 pm
Saturday and Sunday 10 am - 6.30 pm
Closed: Monday, tuesday and wednesday

On appointment  ph. +39 010 580069

Tuesday, wednesday and thursday:   9 am - 1 pm / 2 - 5.30 pm
Friday 9 am - 2pm
Closed: Saturday,  sunday and monday


Full price exhibition € 5,00
Reduced exhibition € 3,50

Free up to 6 years
Reservations are recommended

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The museum is not accessible.

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Museum of Contemporary Art Villa Croce
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Fax + 39 010 532482
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Francesca Serrati

Nadia Fagioli

Administration and Educational Service
Paolo Scacchetti

Tickets Office

Press Office
Luisa Mazier

AMIXI di Villa Croce Association - Friends of Villa Croce
Amixi is an active network of individuals with a common interest for contemporary culture.
By joining AmiXi you will actively help create Genoa’s future cultural vision and contribute to its success.
Amixi di Villa Croce is a cultural association established to support exhibitions, events and activities held at Villa Croce thanks to its new public+private management.
By participating in exclusive events regarding the museum’s various activities, the Amixi can meet artists, designers, curators, performers, art experts and critics.
Amixi operates independently and its members have the chance to enjoy contemporary art up front, helping the museum develop and grow.
To become a member of AmiXi clic on the form below, fill it out and email it back to con allegato copia bonifico. attaching a copy of the bank transfer order.
Bank transfers should be made out to: Amixi per Villa Croce - Banca Passadore & C S.p.A - Via Vernazza 27 - 1612 Genova - IBAN: IT 95 N 03332 01400 000000946861
It is also possible to pay by cheque or in cash directly at the Villa Croce Museum.



Via Jacopo Ruffini 3, 16128 Genoa, Italy


Ph. +39 010 580069 / + 39 010 585772