Opening hours

Friday 10 a.m. -17 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. - 18 p.m. 

In case of weather warning RED the museum will be closed and all scheduled events will be cancelled.


  • Full price € 6,00
  • Reduced price (5-12 years- >65 anni - agreement) € 4,50
  • Free admission (children 0-4 years)
  • Groups (n. 1 free every 25 paying) € 4,50
  • Reduced price for schools (5-18 years) € 3,00 - Reservations are recommended
  • Tablet and multimedia players (italian, LIS, english, french, spanish) € 2,00

SPECIAL TICKETS with GALATA MUSEO DEL MARE and S518 NAZARIO SAURO SUBMARINE (this ticket includes general admission to both museums and the submarine, either on the same day or on different days) 

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Accessibility, reservations and useful info

The castle is fully accessible to disabled people.
The exhibition is based on different levels, connected via lifts and ramps.
Members of the staff may assist visitors using a wheelchair in finding the easiest route.
A wheelchair is available for use. Please ask a member of staff who will be able to assist.

The Museum also provides 10 media players and 7 tablets for an autonomous visit with audio, video and Italian Sign Language guides, as well as English, French and Spanish subtitles.

Accessit European Project


Two tactile models are available for blind visitors:
one allows the exploration of the museum and the park (1: 200 scale), while the other depicts the Museum in its urban context (1: 1000 scale)

Castello D'Albertis sign up to the project Museum for all realized by the Associazione l'abilità Onlus with the contribution of the De Agostini Foundation, to promote social inclusion and full access to culture for people with intellectual disabilities through paths and materials specific.
The texts describing the museum were written with a group of disabled people who for years habitually frequented the Castle.
It was a process of co-designing between the Museum and the Genoa Integration Cooperative under the ANFASS brand of Genoa.

How to book: 
Info and booking
Castello D’Albertis
Ph. +39 010 2723820
fax +39 010 2721456
e-mail :;

Useful info: 
Captain D’Albertis’ library, located in the Columbian Room, consists of more than 1,300 volumes.
The library is open for public consultation by appointment only.  Ph. +39 010 2723820 / 2723464

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Castello D’Albertis is a prestigious venue that combines tradition and innovation thanks to the total refurbishment of the building and the flexibility of the organization running it.
A perfect mix of image, operational functionality and competitive economic conditions characterises one of the most exclusive location at a regional level.
Renowned for its hospitality, Castello D’Albertis is the perfect place to house press conferences, conventions, meetings, seminary and training courses for company staff, workshops, company dinners and gala dinners.
Italian and foreign companies and associations choose Castello D’Albertis also because of  our wide array of related service, such as: catering and transfer services, side activities including guided tours, booking office, stipulation of special agreements with hotels, and conference assistant services.
Moreover, in this wonderful location private ceremonies can take place, on occasion of which a professional catering and banqueting service will take care of the organization and the menu, offering full customization possibilities.
Here is a list of the events we usually cover: wedding receptions, private celebrations (birthdays, baptisms, First Holy Communions), graduation parties, film and commercial shootings, fashion shows, concerts and shows.
Professional photography services for ceremonies are also provided.

It is a peculiar means of transport that integrates an horizontal funicular (which travels at a speed of 4.5 m/6 along a tunnel) and a lift (which travels at a speed of 1.6 m/s), and that takes three minutes to travel from via Balbi to Castello D’Albertis and vice versa.
Thanks to this innovative design, people no longer need to walk through the 300-metre-long tunnel, but they can travel comfortably in a cabin. There are two cabins available for AMT-Public Transport customers: each cabin carries up to 23 people, for a total of 400 people per hour and in each direction.
The construction of the lift was financed by the Municipality of Genoa, the Liguria Region Administration and the EU Urban II Programme.

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Corso Dogali, 18, 16136 Genoa, Italy