Annexes and park

After the main entrance to the park at the beginning of Via Capolungo (an arch topped by 18th-century sculptures), an old noble chapel is located to the left, still preserving monochrome stucco decorations with the coat of arms of the Serra family, also featured on the gates of the park, clasped in the claws of a griffon.
Dating back to the 18th century is the slate and marble floor with a complex design of particular quality, as well as the balustrade and the polychrome marble altar. Restored in 2004, the altarpiece – depicting the Madonna and Child, and, right to left, St. Ursula, St. Sebastian, St. John the Baptist and a fourth unidentified Saint – has local origins dating to the 18th century.
Continuing to the left of the chapel, leaning against the park walls and opposite the play area, there is the new building of the café-restaurant and the renovated 19th-century stables, decorated with simple, elegant swirls and characterised by low arches leading to the different areas, partly destined to house the artistic and environmental didactic activities for both children and adults.
Noteworthy are two beautiful and monumental palms: two iubae chilenses at the entrance of the stables.

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