Art History Library

The Library specialises in the following areas: Ligurian archaeology; art history of Genoa, Liguria and Italy between 11th and 19th centuries; and museology.
Special care is given to the bibliographical update of the art collections of the Genoese Civic Museums.
As well as through purchases, the collections have grown thanks to intense bibliographic exchanges with the major art museums and institutions of Italy, Europe and North Americ

Historical Background
The Library was founded in 1908 in the Palazzo Rosso, next to the then-newborn Office of Fine Arts and History of the Municipality of Genoa, as support for the architectural and cultural studies in urban areas.
At present, it is the most important public library of art history within the region.

Book heritage
This is the collection of books of the library:
- 51,000 volumes
- Magazines: 300 "closed", 207 in progress