The history of the birthplace of Giuseppe Mazzini (Palazzo Adorno, 15th century).

Commissioned in the 15th century by the noble Adorno family, like all other buildings in Via Lomellini it underwent great changes when the wealthy bourgeoisie took over the nobility in the late 16th century, attracted by the prestigious palaces of the Strada Nuova.
Giacomo and Maria Mazzini moved there in 1794. After the birth of four children, the family needed a larger apartment, so they moved to the nearby Salita dei Forni in 1809.
On the death of Giuseppe Mazzini (10 March 1872), the Genoese workers raised a subscription to buy three small rooms of the apartment in Via Lomellini, where to create a Shrine-Museum in his name, donated to the Municipality in 1881 to be opened to the public.
Named a national monument by the Law of 29 October 1925, the building was purchased by the government to collect all historical evidence of the Risorgimento in a single place.
On 22 June 1934, the Istituto Mazziniano was thus opened, including a shrine-museum, as well as the Museum of the Risorgimento, a specialised Library and a Historical Archive.
The Istituto Mazziniano – Museum of the Risorgimento is located in Via Lomellini in the district of La Maddalena, in a building dating back to the 15th century, which originally belonged to the Adorno noble family; during the 16th century, it underwent similar transformations as the other buildings of the area, when the nobility moved in the new and prestigious district of the Strada Nuova.

  • Giacomo Mazzini, Giuseppe's father
  • Home in Salita dei Pubblici Forni, n.1197
  • Carlotta Benettini