The collection

The painting collection of the Palazzo Rosso
The wonderful painting collection donated by the Duchess of Galliera to the Municipality of Genoa in 1874, together with the furnishings of the Palazzo Rosso, had been collected by the Brignole-Sale family through a wise policy of acquisitions and commissions for over two centuries, so as to mark their social, economic and political rise.
In the first half of the 17th century, Gio. Francesco Brignole commissioned Anton Van Dyck to paint several large portraits, as the first significant sign of the economic power achieved by the family.
Gio. Francesco I (1643-1694), who had become the only heir and owner of the Palazzo Rosso, continued the expansion of the collections and the building.
His wife, Maria Durazzo, not only supported this far-sighted and generous policy, but also gave a remarkable contribution to the family’s collections, when, as a widow, she expanded the extensive art collection she had inherited from her father, Giuseppe Maria Durazzo.
The beneficiary of these choices was Gio. Francesco II Brignole-Sale (1695-1760), who eventually inherited the Palazzo Rosso and its painting collections. These were made up of works of art belonging to both the Brignole-Sale family (including portraits by Van Dyck and paintings by Guido Reni, Guercino, Mattia Preti and Bernardo Strozzi) and the Durazzo family, whose largest group of items consisted of 16th-century paintings and canvases from Veneto (among which the works by Palma il vecchio and Veronese are worth mentioning).
Gio. Francesco II made other significant purchases, including the Four Apostles by Giulio Cesare Procaccini, the Portrait of a Young Man by Van Dyck, and the Charity by Bernardo Strozzi.
During his diplomatic mission to Paris (around 1737-1739), Gio. Francesco II commissioned Hyacinthe Rigaud, the official painter of the aristocracy of the time, to paint a portrait of himself and his wife.

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