Courtyards and gardens (P. Rosso)

The Museums of Strada Nuova offer visitors a surprising, one-of-a-kind series of extremely varied courtyards, gardens and terraces located at different heights.
In the Palazzo Rosso, besides the 17th-century arcaded courtyard, the houses of the medieval centre enclose a second courtyard, surrounded by a border wall. It was realised as part of the restoration of the building promoted in the mid-20th century by rationalist architect Franco Albini and the then director of the civic Office of Fine Arts, Caterina Marcenaro.

The design of this new area on the back of the historical building was meant to evoke the setting of a 17th-century garden: certainly a mainstream element in the Genoese housing culture, despite having never been documented in the Brignole-Sale home.

Two modern pergolas frame a 17th-century portal from the oratory of the now destroyed monastery of San Silvestro, while on the right side of the courtyard a 16th-century niche contains the statue of the Virgin Queen of Genoa, crowned in 1637.

Since the very beginning, a terrace on the main floor overlooks the structure of the so-called Palazzetto, offering visitors a suggestive view of the gardens of the Palazzo Bianco on the opposite side of the Strada Nuova, and of the nearby 17th-century Via Cairoli.
Finally, a modern panoramic elevator gives the public direct access to the rooftop of the building with an unparalleled view of the entire city, from the hills to the sea.