The Doria Centurione villa and the tower

The building that today houses the collection was erected in different stages starting from the beginning of the 16th century, in the then and still now charming Pegli.

The original architect and initial construction date are still unknown. The villa was commissioned by Adamo Centurione Oltremarino, a wealthy merchant and financier of 16th-century Genoa, active investor in “Spanish businesses” and Andrea Doria’s great friend and advisor. Their friendship consolidated through the marriage between Ginetta, Centurione’s daughter, and Giannettino, Doria’s cousin and future heir.

The building, designed as a central body with corner loggias, was embellished over time by the work that Alessi led in the park to its back, where he created an artificial lake and an “enchanted island” which could be reached by boat. At first, the main entrance to the villa was located in the northern façade, directly on the main floor, just past the watchtower against pirates. The entrance on the ground floor was secondary (nowadays, it is the main entrance), reaching the main floor via a high sloping staircase.   …..Read more

  • Foto aerea della villa Doria Centurione con la torre
  • Prospetto meridionale villa Doria Centurione - ingresso del Museo Navale
  • Accesso al piano nobile