The exhibitions

The first exhibition in the Palazzo Bianco dates back to 1889 and was curated by painter Giuseppe Isola (1808-1893), already artistic counsellor of the Dukes of Galliera.
1892 was the year of the legacy by Senator Giovanni Ricci and of the Exhibition of Ancient Art, organised on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of Columbus’s discovery of the New World. The museum was reopened to the public in 1893 with an exhibition of sculptures, antique and modern paintings, archaeological pieces, tombstones and furniture, with no particular ordering criteria, in accordance with the taste of the time. Moreover, in those years and up until 1914, the Palazzo was still partially occupied by private tenants.

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  • Room of Leucoteca di Dumont, Palazzo Bianco - picture of 1893
  • Room of  Duchessa di Galliera, Palazzo Bianco - picture of 1893
  • Room with  monument of  Margherita di Brabante, Palazzo Bianco - Picture of 1928
  • Room 6: Flemish and Dutch masters and Maddalena Penitente, Palazzo Bianco - picture of 1928
  • Sala degli Arazzi - Picture of 1906
  • Maddalena Penitente - Picture of 1906