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Galata Museo del Mare - insight

At the beginning of the exhibition, after the Columbus room and the armoury of the Darsena, visitors can step on a faithful reconstruction of a 17th-century galley to discover the life on board of galley slaves.

The exhibition continues on the first and second floors, through precious Atlases and Globes which can be read virtually, before experiencing a spectacular 4D storm aboard a lifeboat at the mercy of the waves and wind, or at the wheel of a 19th-century brigantine-schooner. The chart room and a shipyard with carpentry ultimately take visitors to a Yacht Club from the late 19th century, with paintings from the Croce collection. Also on display is the original raft on which Ambrogio Fogar and Mauro Mancini remained adrift at sea for 74 days.

The third floor is almost entirely dedicated to the Permanent Section MEM MEmory and Migration, where 40 multimedia stations tell the story of Italian emigration by sea – from boarding the ship, through crossing the ocean to landing in America – and the recent wave of foreign immigration to Italy. Further, the Nazario Sauro Submariners School prepares visitors to step on the submarine and discover the extraordinary life of the crew aboard.

On the fourth floor, on the Mirador terrace visitors can “submerge” into the beautiful sky and the great amphitheatre of the port and the historical centre of Genoa.
A fruitful, cultural and artistic scene developed over the years: the Cultural Sea Park with its Chart of the sea collects and uploads online the good practices realised in the field of culture, environment, hospitality, and work, and hosts art exhibitions, conferences, events, galas.