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The museum was opened in 1928 at the Villa Saluzzo Serra in Nervi, a late 15th-century building expanded in later times and embedded in the public park of the same name in continuity with the parks of the Villa Groppallo and Grimaldi Fassio. Today, the museum houses over 2,700 pieces, including paintings, sculptures, drawings and engravings, dating from the beginning of the 19th century to the present day. First based on the collection of the Prince Oddone of Savoy and subsequent bequeaths and purchases, the Gallery has a regional character, with a national and international artistic breath.

The exhibition of the new Gallery of Modern Art now includes a section of pieces of the Mitchell Wolfson jr. Collection – Fondazione Regionale per la Cultura e lo Spettacolo: paintings, sculptures, decorative artworks, and high-quality furnishings, intertwined with pieces of the civic collections, enriching its artistic offer.

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  • Reception in honor of the British naval engineers at GAM - September 24, 1929
  • Garden Party in honor of the officers of the ship Cristoforo Colombo, July 4, 1929
  • Villa Saluzzo Serra - Poolroom, 1927