The Museum

The hospital of the Commenda, home of the museum-theatre since 29 May 2009, houses an innovative, multimedia instalment. Without altering the beauty and strength of the artistic construction, medieval documents have been turned into images, dialogues, stories and shows through the interpretation of the actors of the Teatro del Suono (Sound Theatre), directed by Andrea Liberovici, wearing some of the original costumes from the film The Name of the Rose.
Sophisticated technology animates the ancient walls, bringing back to life the characters of past times: Genoese people such as Friar Guglielmo, the builder of the construction, Caffaro or Benedetto Zaccaria; travellers, who passed by Genoa, such as the Sephardi Jew Beniamino da Tudela, Arab geographer Al-Idrisi, and Bishop Giacomo da Vitry; but also protagonists of the Crusades who fought for or against the Genoese in Syria and in Palestine, such as Baliano dIbelin or the Saladino, the Kurdish-born Sultan who retook Jerusalem in 1187.
The characters give a voice and body to the stories of Genoese, Latin, Frankish, or even Muslim and Jew origin, which, in their differences, represent the history of the Mediterranean.


The Desks of Knowledge
Two interactive writing desks, controlled via 52 points of contact, display on the big screens and recognise the objects that are placed on top of them. These desks let visitors “flip” through a great virtual book on the history of the Crusades, the travellers and the order of the Hospitalers, the stories of the Commenda, Genoa and the Knights of Malta, on a journey from the Middle Ages to the age of Napoleon.

The Garden of the Simple
The Giardino dei Semplici (literally, Garden of the Simple) in the inner courtyard of the Commenda reproduces a medieval vegetable garden, with the main officinal herbs used as a medicament in the old hospital.
The new green area was created by the Institute of Higher Education Marsano, in collaboration with the Mu. MA Educational Services, the SOL. CO Consortium Liguria and a network of associations, organisations and businesses that have generously contributed to its realisation.

Lower church of the Commenda
The Chiesa Inferiore di Commenda (lower church) of the Parish of St. John Evangelist of Prè is open to the public Fridays and Saturdays from 10 am-6 pm, thanks to the volunteers of the Italian Touring Club.