Welcome to the Ligurian Archeological Museum!
Here you will find information about a past older than our region: from the giant bears that wintered in the caves of the Ponente during the last ice age, to the first people who settled in the area; from the discoveries in Egypt by several Ligurian travellers, to the significant finds of Roman cities on the territory.

Il Museo 

The exhibition is based on two floors:

GROUND FLOOR Collection of exhibits from various 19th-century Ligurian collections.
The exhibition begins with a giant leap back in time!
You will find yourself in the caves of Liguria over 100,000 years ago, where you will start discovering the history of the people who inhabited our land, up until the age of metals.
Before going upstairs, on the right side, you can visit the Egyptian room to uncover the mysteries of the mummy of the ancient priest Pasherienaset.
The historical arrangement of these first rooms recreates the exhibition solutions adopted by the 19th-century collectors who originally owned the exhibits. At the time, it was customary to display the pieces by following a simultaneously chronological and topographic order, thus placing together all the artefacts which had been found in the same place, albeit dating from different time periods.

FIRST FLOOR The ancient history of Liguria, as revealed through important archaeological excavations.
On this floor, we start observing the various burials dating back to the Paleolithic, some of the most conspicuous and best preserved in Europe, as well as the sets found in the rich necropolis where the first inhabitants of Genoa were buried 2,500 years ago. The exhibition also includes the burial of the Prince of the White Sands and the Table of Polcevera, on which the first legal act of our region was engraved.