Pallavicini and Canzio: creators of the project

The park was designed, at the behest of the Marquis Ignazio Alessandro Pallavicini, by architect, decorator and stage designer Michele Canzio.
The Marquis, who held various political offices, was a very rich man, with high cultural lineage. Both collaborated with the Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa: Canzio as chief scenographer and then as theatre manager, Pallavicini as purchasing manager.
In the second half of the 19th century, the park attracted visitors, both famous and not, from all over the world. Marquis Ignazio welcomed all visitors, prior permit issued at his palace in Genoa.

Born in Genoa on 1 October 1788, he was the son of a bomber of the militias of the Republic.
Of humble family, he was self-taught and then attended the school of decoration and set design of Orsolino and Celle. In 1827, he was appointed professor of decoration, architecture and carving at the Ligurian Academy of Fine Arts in Genoa. Between 1828 and 1854, he was set designer at the Theatre Carlo Felice of Genoa. In 1842, he supervised the restoration and decoration of the Palazzo Reale in Via Balbi. In 1846, he won the competition for the monument to Christopher Columbus, which was then erected in Piazza Acquaverde. He died on 2 September 1869 in Castellazzo Scassoso (AL).