The Park and the Museums of Nervi

Palaces and villas, prestigious venues for major museums, embellish a landscape of exceptional beauty: the close relationship between art and nature has led to the creation of the Museums of Nervi. The Gallery of Modern Art of the Villa Saluzzo Serra, the Frugone Collections of the Villa Grimaldi Fassio, the Luxoro Museum and the new home of the Wolfsonian Collection are the cultural stops of a pleasant stroll through the great, historical public parks, rich in Mediterranean and exotic plants, connected to the prestigious rose garden in the Villa Grimaldi Fassio, enchanted by the magical presence of the sea.

A unique exhibition brings together collections of art from the 17th century to the present, with decorative arts of the house-museum of the Villa Luxoro, the finest collections of paintings and sculptures of the Raccolte Frugone in the Villa Grimaldi Fassio, and the renewed Gallery of Modern Art in the Villa Saluzzo Serra. A captivating and rich look at the 19th and 20th centuries, embellished by the presence of furnishings, glasses, silverware, paintings and sculptures of the new Wolfsonian Museum, dating from between 1880 and 1945. The tour of the villas is further enriched by landscapes absolutely unique in Europe.

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