The Park and the Villa

Formerly used for citrus, olive trees and vegetable crops, the whole property was purchased by the Fassio Family in 1958 and entrusted to architect Luigi Carlo Daneri (1900-1972), who radically transformed it into a refined, upper-class residential villa with quarters, stables, gym, swimming pool, access to the cliffs, and motorboat berth.
The beautiful scenery of the parks overlooking the cliffs, enhanced by a panoramic promenade, houses the Frugone Collections, as well as three other museums with ancient and modern art collections: the Gallery of Modern Art reopened in 2004, the Giannettino Luxoro Museum, and the Wolfsonian Museum opened in 2005.
The extraordinary mixture of art and nature will be further enhanced by a project of tourist and commercial redevelopment of the old fishing village of Nervi, popular health resort and tourist destination already back in the 19th century.
The 18th-century Villa Grimaldi Fassio was acquired by the Municipality of Genoa in 1979, together with the surrounding park; since 1993, it houses the collections donated by brothers Luigi and Lazzaro Gio Batta Frugone.
The villa’s internal structure has been kept intact with special attention to coating materials; the deposit is visible upon request, while a computerised archive of all pieces and the general catalogue of the collection are available to the public.
There is also a fully-equipped nursery space. The museum organises workshops in collaboration with the Educational and Didactic Services of the Museum Sector of the Municipality.
Since 1979, a part of the Villa Grimaldi Fassio park was transformed into a beautiful rose garden, which soon became worldwide famous following a remontant rose contest. Named after its founder, Luigi Viacava, the garden has been recently restored and reopened to the public in all its beauty on 17 April 2012.

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