The Residence

After climbing the marble staircase decorated with African, Eastern and European arms trophies, the tour of the castle guides visitors through the main floor: the Colombian room, the sundial room, the Turkish room, and the cabin. It is a journey through our own essence: the fascination for the exotic, the positivism of the city of Genoa, the anticipation of colonial conquests, and the ethnocentrism that has always permeated the Western world.

Thanks to historical photographs, the original furniture was placed in its original position, so as to recreate the ancient atmosphere of the 19th-century stately home marked by neo-Gothic and Moorish influences. In doing so, the past function of those spaces was restored, with the exception of the Captain’s private apartment, now used as a temporary exhibition area.

The trophies on the walls
Sudan, Eritrea, Abyssinia, North America, Borneo, New Guinea, China, Japan, Persia, Victoria-Nyanza, and Benadir are only some of the titles painted on aluminium of the compositions of bows, shields, arrows, spears, sabers and knives hanging on the walls as colonial and hunting trophies on the first floor and the main staircase, up to the second floor of the castle. On the second floor (the main floor), armours and crossbows, along with European weapons, such as slavonians, halberds, spears and spikes, are arranged in the shape of wheels and parietal decorative compositions, so as to recreate the knightly atmosphere of the castle, following its owner’s intention, using archival photographs.

Sala colombiana
The Colombian Room
The Sala Colombiana (Colombian Room) is named after the marble sculpture in the western lodge: Colombo Giovinetto, realised by Giulio Monteverde in 1872. 

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Sala delle meridiane
Sundials Room
The second room on the main floor of the home of Captain D’Albertis is the Sundials Room, also known as Sala del Camino (Chimney) or Sala Gotica (Gothic Room): Edmondo De Amicis eventually removed any ambiguity, by calling the room the “study of a wanderer pintor of sundials”. 

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sala Turca
Turkish Living Room
Furnished by the Captain like many other oriental lounges in Europe, the Salotto Turco (Turkish Living Room) embodies the fascination for the exotic at the end of the 19th century. 

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Luigi Maria D'Albertis Luigi Maria DAlbertis
Between 1872 and 1878 Luigi Maria DAlbertis undertook five expeditions to New Guinea: the most remote, wild and unexplored destination inhabited by men and women both innocent and brutal, according to the romantic ideal of the time.

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Cabina del Capitano Captain’s Nautical Cabin
Inside the bastion, in a secluded corner protected by the wood, a nautical cabin ...

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