The restoration

After the works of 1992, since 2009 the City has implemented a new restoration campaign that involved overall approx. €4 million. The projects, designed by Studio Ghigino&associati architetti, have focused on the recovery of the gardens of Flora, including the neoclassical temple, the architecture of the Great Lake (Egyptian Obelisk, Kiosk Turkish, Chinese Pagoda, and Roman Bridge), and the upper part of the park. In this area, now closed to the public for over sixty years, massive works have been undertaken for the regulation of surface water, slope stabilisation and recovery of the Mediterranean forest, in addition to the restoration of the Captain’s Castle and of the mausoleum, important buildings led to the verge of collapse by neglect and vandalism. After their restoration, in the future, a new project to rebuild the various rustic huts and restore the amusement park must still be undertaken.