Romantic - theatrical route

The Pallavicini complex is rather articulate. The entrance and ticket office are between the twin buildings in Via Pallavicini. A 1300-foot-long oak avenue leads to the formal gardens and the square on which stands the Grimaldi palace, restored in neo-classical style at the same time as the construction of the park. Below this level is the Botanical Garden planted in the 18th century by Marchesa Clelia Durazzo. The park designed by Michele Canzio is at the back of the Villa.

The park is punctuated with neoclassic, Gothic, exotic and rustic architecture and décor.
The Temple of Flora, the Coffee House, the Triumphal Arch, the Roman Bridge and the Temple of Diana are elegant neoclassical artefacts in which architectural forms, stucco and painted decorations, marble statues and mosaics testify to the design skills of Michele Canzio and the ability of the artists who worked here for years.
The Castle and the Mausoleum of the Captain, the Chapel of Mary and the Gothic Tribune express a “romantic neo-gothic”, where decorations are viewed as dramatic and evocative potential. The Castle and the Mausoleum of the Captain highlight fake-brick and fake-stone surfaces with three-dimensional plastic effect, rich in detail and an impressive “realism”. Exotic episodes emerge from the shapes of the Egyptian Obelisk, the Turkish Kiosk and the Chinese Pagoda, typical elements of the picturesque gardens of the 18th-century tradition, proposed here in a passionate and romantic key, sparkling with intense colours that elegantly interact with the green tones of the vegetation.
Some of the authors of this artistic treasure, alongside Michele Canzio, include Gian Battista Cevasco, author of several marble sculptures; Gerolamo Centanaro, author of the stuccoes; and the brothers Mora, authors of the beautiful mosaic floors. The ornate decorations are by Canzio, while the figures are by his pupil Danielli..
  • Inside of Tempio di Flora (©SACS fotografia)
  • The Captain's castle (©SACS fotografia)
  • Chinese Pagoda  (©SACS fotografia)
  • The Captian's mausoleum (©SACS fotografia)
  • Tempio di Diana (©SACS fotografia)