Sacred North American Landscapes’

Since October 2010, the donation of eleven photographs taken in North America by Douglas Beasley marks the opening of a new permanent section of the museum dedicated to the North American sacred landscape.
Hanging in the void of a double-height space that longitudinally crosses the 16th-century bastion and exposed to both sunlight and the darkness of night, these photos are linked to the ethnological collections of the Indians of the North American Plains and Hopi Indians of Arizona exhibited on the first floor of the bastio. These photos embrace the visitor, permeating the environment both physically and spiritually.
This installation reflects the philosophy of the photographer, who does not merely “take” photos, but rather creates them, aware that the earth encounters the spirit and that photography is a means to connect the world rather than separate us from what lies before our eyes.

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List of the photos donated to the museum:

  • "Road on top of Sheep Table", Badlands, South Dakota
  • "Kiva, Bandelier", New Mexico
  • "Road to Red Cloud’s Grave", Pine Ridge, South Dakota
  • "Custer’s Battlefield", Montana
  • "Ancient Tree", Black Hills, South Dakota
  • "Bear Butte Holy Mountain of the Lakota and the Cheyenne", Bear Butte, South Dakota
  • "Scenic Overlook", Badlands, South Dakota
  • "Medicine Wheel", Bear Butte, South Dakota
  • "Tobacco Prayer Ties in Tree", Bear Butte, South Dakota
  • "Sweat Lodge", Sacred Mine of Pipestone Quarry, Minnesota
  • "Corn Creek Massacre Site", South Dakota