Traditional medicines of Peoples

(By CELSO Institute of Oriental Studies)

This new permanent section is dedicated to the exploration of philosophy, history, principles, physiology and techniques of traditional medicines developed by various peoples, especially from China, India, Tibet and the Arabic-Islamic World.
This section includes objects, tools, installations, texts, iconographic materials, videos and scientific documents.

For more information, see:

- Focus 1: ZHONGYI - Tradizional Chinese Medicine

- Focus 2: ÂYURVEDA- Tradizional Chinese Medicine

- Focus 3: gSOWA RIGPA- Traditional Tibetan Medicine

- Focus 4: Medicine in the Arabic-Islamic Tradition

- Focus 5: Ethnomedicine

  • ZHONGYI - Tradizionale Chinese Medicine
  • ÂYURVEDA -  Traditional Indian Medicine
  •  gSOWA RIGPA – Traditional Tibetan Medicine
  • Medicine in the Arabic-Islamic Tradition
  • Ethnomedicine