Music is the key
Step inside the new home of Genoese singer-songwriters.
ViadelCampo29rosso was recently opened in the heart of the old city, in the street of the same name sung by Fabrizio De André, where the old shop “Musica Gianni Tassio” was situated.
The goal of ViadelCampo29rosso is to preserve, enhance and disseminate the cultural and musical heritage of the “Genoese school”, also using advanced technologies.
It is a cultural lab and a reference point for all the creative events related to music, poetry and artistic production in Genoa.
Through the organisation of events, workshops and thematic tours, it uncovers the close connection between Genoa and the artistic works and careers of its songwriters.

Opening hours

From Thurday to Sunday: 10.30 am - 00.30 pm  / 3 pm -7 pm
Closed: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday


Free admission

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Via del Campo, 29, 16124 Genoa, Italy


Ph. : +39 010 2474064
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