Veduta fantastica dei principali monumenti d’Italia
Francesca da Rimini
L’amore che doma la forza, 1858 - 1865
La fine di Alessandro de’ Medici, 1865
Paesaggio, 1865
I pittori, 1867 circa
Il Gombo, 1864
Dopo la burrasca, 1865
Spiaggia a Viareggio, 1865
Riviera di Genova. Lo scoglio di Quarto, 1881
Il porto, 1914
Canotti automobili alle regate di Monaco-Marina
Ritratto di Evan Mackenzie, 1902
Nuova gente o gente nuova, 1909
Il cantiere, 1909
San Fruttuoso di Camogli, 1907
Paesaggio, Portofino, Il promontorio di Portofino, 1914
Salotto, 1902 circa
Il Castagno, 1921
La convalescente
Nitrito in velocità, 1934 circa
L’archeologo, 1928
Contadini al lavoro, 1951
Battello e mare
La mattanza
The Gallery of Modern Art reopens to the public with the exhibition Super, for the fifteenth edition of the International Exhibition of contemporary illustrators, and a dedicated to the great director and designer Bruno Bozzetto who has marked the history of Italian and international animation.
On the occasion of the International Festival of Ballet and Music Nervi 2020 from 17 July to 2 August it will be possible to visit the GAM at a reduced price upon presentation of the ticket of a show of the Festival.

The museum route is one way and circular.
Visitors (except for families) have to follow the social distancing rules.

Before entering the building visitors have to:

1. wear the mask
2. sanitize hands
3. to check the body temperature: at the entrance of the museum has been set up a station equipped for measuring the body temperature in the manner indicated by the staff, will not be able to access the museum people with body temperature higher than 37.5
4. follow the rules of social distance and the path indicated within the museum. It is possible to access in no more than two persons at a time, with due respect for social distance, except for families with minor children who can access together, the access of users will be staggered to ensure the distance of at least one 1,5 mt between people.

First based on the collection of the Prince Oddone of Savoy and subsequent bequeaths and purchases, the Gallery is housed in the 16th-century Villa Saluzzo in Nervi, with over 2,500 pieces, including paintings, sculptures, drawings and engravings from the beginning of the 19th century up to the present day.
Many artists are featured, including Nicolò Barabino, Ernesto Rayper, Alfredo DAndrade, Vincenzo Cabianca, Plinio Nomellini, Rubaldo Merello, Fortunato Depero, Felice Casorati, Filippo De Pisis, Francesco Messina, Eugenio Baroni, Arturo Martini, Renato Guttuso, Mario Mafai, Corrado Cagli.

Opening hours

On the occasion of the Festival of Nervi 2020 (17 July - 2 August), the museum will observe the following timetable:
from Tuesday to Sunday: 10.30 a.m./8.30 p.m.
Closed: Tuesday 28th and Thursday 30th July.
The timetable of the following period will be communicated later.

In the event of a RED hydrogeological alert issued by the Civil Protection, the facility will remain closed and all scheduled events will be cancelled.


SUMMER TIME (April -October)
Tuesday to Friday: 11 am - 6 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 12 am - 7 pm
Closed: Monday

WINTER TIME (November - March)
Tuesday to Sunday: 11 am - 5 pm
Closed: Monday, New Year's Day and Christmas Day


full price: € 6
reduced: € 5, disabled visitors, over 65 EU citizens
reduced children: € 3, 5 -18 years
free of charge: from 0 to 4 years old; persons accompanying disabled visitors


reduced to € 5 for the Gallery of Modern Art behind presentation of the ticket of the Festival Nervi 2020

reduced by 20% on the ticket for the performances of the Festival Nervi 2020 with presentation of the ticket of the Museum of the Frugone Collections and/or the Gallery of Modern Art - Reduction possible only on purchases at the ticket office of the Teatro Carlo Felice (open from Tuesday to Friday from 11 am to 6 pm and Saturday from 11 am to 4 pm) or directly at the ticket office of the Theatre at the Parks (open in the evenings from 8 pm)

The offer is valid for the entire period of the International Festival of Ballet and Music Nervi 2020.

It is recommended to purchase online (pre-sale service euro 1.50)

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Acquario di Genova: Area Porto Antico - Ponte degli Spinola (GE) - 16126 Genova
Duemila Grandi Eventi: Via Archimede 28/14 (GE) - 16129 Genova
Genoa Museum and Store: Via al Porto Antico 4 (GE) - 16128 Genova
Media World Genova (c/o C.C. Fiumara): Via Operai (GE) - 16149 Genova
Store XX Settembre - Mondadori: Via XX Settembre 27/R (GE) - 16121 Genova
Tabaccheria 248: Via Pacoret de Saint Bon 1/R (GE) - 16155 Genova
Tabaccheria Tredici Bis di Galli Fabrizio: Piazzale Parenzo 23/R (GE) - 16139 Genova

Click here to find the nearest one:

- Full price € 6,00
- Reduced € 5,00
- Reduced € 3,00 (5 - 18 years)
- Gratis : childrens 0-4 years

- GAM, The Frugone Collections, Luxoro Museum, Wolfsonian Museum € 10,00
- Two Museums € 8,00

€ 3,00 (5-18 years;  n. 1 free every 15 paying)
Reservations are recommended

Accessibility, reservations and useful info

Wheelchair access is available on the right-hand side of the building.
It is fitted with a videophone, through which a member of staff will open the door, and a ramp which overcomes the 7 cm height difference.
The exhibition is based on two fully accessible floors.
The ground floor and the first floor are connected via an accessible lift. The second floor is accessed by lift with non-automatic door (75 cm) and small-sized cabin (91x82 cm).
On the second floor, a tactile exhibition of 20th-century sculptures with Braille captions is dedicated to visually impaired and blind visitors.

Signs are well placed and clearly visible.

A wheelchair is available for use. Please ask a member of staff who will be able to assist.

In the Park of the Villa Serra, a tactile exhibition of 20th-century sculptures with Braille captions is dedicated to visually impaired and blind visitors.

How to book: 
Info and booking:

The Gallery of Modern Art (GAM)
Ph. +39 010 3726025
Fax +39 010 3200333
e-mail :
Useful info: 

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Villa Saluzzo Serra Via Capolungo 3 - 16167 Genoa Nervi - Italy


Ph. +39 010 3726025 - +39 010 5574739
Fax +39 010 3200333

Francesca Serrati
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