Lanterna Esterno
Lanterna, il faro
Lanterna di Genova
The Lanterna, the icon of the city, is the highest lighthouse of the Mediterranean and the second-tallest in Europe. Through the centuries, it served as a watchtower, a stage for tightrope walkers, and prison.
It was built in its present form in 1543, after the destruction of the old lighthouse in 1514. The lighthouse is 253 ft tall, standing on a 130-ft cliff, its summit thus reaching 383-ft above sea level. Its rotating optics project light up to 35 miles away.
There are 172 steps to reach the first terrace (the only open to visitors).

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Credits: Paolo Micai
We thank the Navy for allowing access and resumed for the promotion and enhancement of the monumental complex

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La Lanterna - Via alla Lanterna
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La Lanterna - Via alla Lanterna

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Museum, Lighthouse, Promenade and Park  are open on Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 2.30 pm - 6.30 pm (last entry 6 pm).


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Reduced: € 5 (for residents and agreement)
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Groups: reduced € 4 (n. 1 free every 15 paying)

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