Sepoltura neolitica
Sepoltura paleolitica detta del Principe (23.000 anni fa)
Statuetta funeraria di Pasherienaset
Sarcofago e mummia di Pasherienaset
Sarcofago di Pasherienaset
The museum houses the largest collection of Ligurian Archaeology: prehistory and early history of Liguria; the Paleolithic burials from the cave of Arene Candide (white sands) ; the extensive sets of pre-Roman necropolis of Genoa; the excavations of the city during the Roman Empire; the collection of Greek and Roman antiquities of Prince Odone of Savoy; and two rooms devoted to the Egyptian collection and Roman marbles.


Dal 12.01.2018 al 24.02.2018
Museo Civico di Storia Naturale Giacomo Doria - Via Brigata Liguria, 9
Dal 22.10.2017 15:30 al 25.03.2018 15:30
Museo di Archeologia Ligure - Via Pallavicini, 11


Dal 28.10.2017 al 11.02.2018
Dal 19.01.2018 al 01.04.2018
Museo di Archeologia Ligure - Via Pallavicini, 11

Opening hours

WINTER TIME (11 October - until  26 March)
From Tuesday  to Friday 9 am - 6.30 pm;
Saturday and Sunday  9.30 am - 6.30 pm;
Closed: Monday and Christmas Day

SUMMER TIME (28 March - until  8 October)
Tuesday  to Thurday 9 am - 7 pm;
Friday 9 am - 7 pm;
Friday 9 am - 9 pm on  9 and 30/6, 7 and 28/7, 4 and 25/8,
1 and 22/9 - 6/10;
Saturday and Sunday  10 am - 7.30 pm;
Closed: Monday


Full prices € 5,00
Reduced € 3,00 (>65 anni, agreement and groups)

Free admission:  UE citizens  0 - 18 years and to residents in the city of Genua on Sunday

Special tickets:  Ligurian Archeological Museum + The Park of Villa Pallavicini € 12,00

The cost of the ticket may vary during special events or thematic exhibitions.

Free admission
Reservations are recommended

Accessibility, reservations and useful info

The museum is accessible by way of a movable ramp, placed by a member of the staff when necessary.
The exhibition is based on two fully accessible floors connected via a lift. It is fully accessible, except for some display cases located too high.
3D tactile models are available on the ground floor and in some rooms.
There are also devices for the orientation and mobility of the visually and hearing impaired, such as a hypertext for the visually impaired and blind on the “Prince of the Arene Candide”.
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