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The Museo Civico di Storia Naturale “G. Doria” reopens to the public from 14th August.
Established in 1867, the museum complex is known throughout the global scientific community for its four million specimens from all over the world.
Its collections of high scientific value are primarily zoological, but also include plants, minerals, rocks and fossils.
Deserving of a special mention are the ornithological collection, the collection of mammals, the rich collections of insects and the room dedicated to palaeontology.
The museum hosts the exhibition "Mythos. Fantastic creatures between science and legend” until 30th August 2020, an extraordinary exhibition dedicated to the zoomorphic creatures models, that mostly strike collective imagination.
  Mythos has the aim to show people creatures who are unexpectedly near and similar to real animals, even if some features have been created thorough imagination.
In the Museum you can find 25 exemplaries and you can enjoy myths and legends of the past!
An extraordinary experience in a world full of harpies, centaurs, dragons and griffins, vampires, werewolves, mermaids, unicorns and many other fantastic creatures!
Mythos is situated in a suggestive set, in the big hall (ground floor of the Museum) and the rooms nearby. You can find some creatures in the showcase of African savannah and in the one of Italian ungulates.
It is recommanded to book thought the section “tickets” “Online booking”, or directly through the website of Ticketone.
The access is possible for no more than two persons at a time, with due respect for social distance, except for families with minor children who can access together, the access for visitors will be staggered to ensure the distance of at least one 1,5 meters between people.
Before entering the visitors have to:
1. wear the mask
2. sanitize hands
3. to check the body temperature: at the entrance of the museum has been set up a station equipped for measuring the body temperature in the manner indicated by the staff, will not be able to access the museum people with body temperature higher than 37.5
4. follow the social distancing rules and the path indicated within the museum.
For security reason visit devices’ and cloakroom services are temporarily suspended.


Opening hours

Wednesday: 14:00 pm - 18:00 pm
Friday : 10 am - 19:00 pm

In case of weather warning RED and ORANGE the museum will be closed and all scheduled events will be cancelled.


Full price
 € 5,00
Reduced € 3,00  
visitors with disalities, over 65 EU citizens
Free: from 0 to 18 years old EU citizens; people accompanying disabled visitors; residents in the Municipality of Genoa every Sunday

Exibition "Mythos"
Full Price € 6
Reduction € 4, 3-14 years 
visitors; over 65; people with disabilities;
Free:  from 0 to 3 years; people accompanying disabled visitors, partners “Amici del Museo Doria”. 

Reservation required

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Accessibility, reservations and useful info

The Museum has a ramp enabling direct access to the exhibition halls.
The exhibition is based on the ground and first floors, which can be reached via an accessible lift. All the rooms of the Museum are free of any architectural barrier. The toilets are accessible on both floors.
A wheelchair is available for use. Please ask a member of staff who will be able to assist.

How to book: 
Info and booking
Museum of Natural History “Giacomo Doria”
Ph. +39 010 564567 - +39 010 582171
Fax +39 010 566319
e-mail : museodoria@comune.genova.it

Useful info: 
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Via Brigata Liguria, 9, 16121 Genoa, Italy


Ph. +39 010 564567 - +39 010 582171
Fax +39 010 566319

e-mail: museodoria@comune.genova.it

Giuliano Doria
e-mail : gdoria@comune.genova.it

Maria Tavano
e-mail: mtavano@comune.genova.it

Honorary Curator
Roberto Poggi
e-mail : rpoggi@comune.genova.it