The extraordinary setting of via Garibladi, the wonderful renaissance and baroque Strada Nuova that was declared a World Heritage Site, offers an original museum path which links three important Genoese palaces : Palazzo Rosso, Palazzo Bianco and Palazzo Doria Tursi.

Built in the Genoese Century, that is to say the sixteenth-century, Palazzo Doria Tursi hosts not only the Lord Mayor’s boardrooms, but also the extension of the Palazzo Bianco Gallery.
In the monumental halls it is possible to admire unique pieces as the Guarneri del Gesù, Paganini’s violin, a considerable exposition of decorative art works and a collection of coins, weights and ufficial measures of the ancient Genoese Republic.

This passage has been closed due to some urgent works to connect Palazzo Bianco to Palazzo Tursi. Thank you for your cooperation

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1915-1945 dalla Grande guerra al 25 aprile

1915-1945 dalla Grande guerra al 25 aprile

Incontro - Scienze sociali
Quando: 23 ott 2014 - 26 mar 2015
Orario: Dalle ore 17.00

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