It is the largest and most innovative sea museum of the Mediterranean, with a 10,000 sqm area set in a stone-and-glass building, a work by Guillermo Vasquéz Consuegra.
It outlines the evolution of the maritime town’s port using an approach which is not exclusively scientific, in that it gives ample space to interactive and multimedia-related aspects. One of the museum’s gems is the faithful reconstruction of a 17th-century Genoese galley (being 40m long) placed upon its original slipway.
Besides the more traditional halls (about Colombo, Andrea Doria, and so forth), visitors can explore the Arsenal rooms, see the Darsena armoury, go aboard a 19th-century brigantine, finally going through a Cape Horn tempest recreated through virtual reality.
Galata has recently renovated the 3rd floor with exhibitions and arrangements on themes related to Italian emigration, such as the Sala del Piroscafo ("Steamship Hall", from whose helmsroom, thanks to sophisticated software, you can virtually set sail for the world’s seas) and the great exhibition called “La Merica !”
Among the other exhibitions you can find the Waterfront Plan (“Affresco”) by Renzo Piano and the panoramic terrace MIRAGenova.
Starting in spring 2010, the submarine Nazario Sauro will be open to public touring, thus becoming the first museum-ship in Italy to be visited underwater. The outer premises, enriched with historical cranes of the industrial age, all together make up the Galata Open Air Museum.

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Acqua Al

Acqua Alè

Combinazione di eventi - Ambiente
Quando: 4 apr 2014 - 1 lug 2014
Orario: Mostra: tutti i giorni 10.00 - 19.30; conferenza vedi calendario

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Pasquacoi colori del Mare

Pasqua…coi colori del Mare…

Laboratorio - Gioco
Quando: 18 apr 2014 - 18 apr 2014
Orario: Dalle ore 10.30

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Aperture straordinarie

Aperture straordinarie

Apertura straordinaria - Arte
Quando: 20 apr 2014 - 1 mag 2014
Orario: Dalle ore 10.00

Pasqua e Pasquetta - 25 aprile e 1° maggio

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Liguria  viaggio nel tempo dall

Liguria viaggio nel tempo dall´800 a oggi

Mostra - Arte
Quando: 23 apr 2014 - 4 mag 2014
Orario: Tutti i giorni dalle 10 alle 19.30 (ultimo ingresoo ore 18.30)

Inaugurazione: 23 aprile, ore 18

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