The Museum of Lanterna

Savoy's Fortifications and the Museum.

This bulwarks actually didn’t protect the Lanterna, but the Porta Nuova, built in 1827, through which it was possible the access to Genova from Ponente. In this fortifications there are the four "fusilier's rooms", a "gallery" and three "cannons" rooms.
Fortifications, for their architectural quality and the inner charm, are first of all a museum of themselves; in their inside it was set up an  abnormal museum: it doesn’t contain objects, as usually happens in museums , but "histories": tales and testimonies of Genoa and its province, seen through the history, the art, the territory, the culture, the characters, the traditions. Eight hours of "pillola" videos, overseen by computers which consent always a new planning on the forty screens distributed in the different rooms. Visitors face a giant “spot” about Genoa and the surrounding territory, shaped by a big number of blocks always variable that allow them to put themselves into Genoa and province, inviting them to visit personally what they saw on the screens.