Interno  casa di Colombo

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Inside the Columbus House you discover many interesting details which provide an idea of life in a medieval house. To the right of the entrance, the room currently used as a ticket office was originally the typical space used as a shop; small, in the case of the Colombus family, where Cristopher's father sold fabrics and, later, cheese. In the back room, recessed in the left corner, you can see a roughly worked stone: it is clearly a hearth. Quite different from the huge "chimneys" that were the liveliest space of the aristocratic houses. It is possible that the family’s cooking took place on this modest stove and that the meal, instead, was consumed in the slightly larger rooms on the floor above. Finally, again on the ground floor, it is worth noting a kind of 'impluvium' for collecting water and, immediately alongside it, a rough latrine, an eloquent indication of the standards of hygiene of the time.