Genoa City of Museums

Strada Nuova Museums

Galata Maritime Museum

Natural History Museum Giacomo Doria

Contemporary Art Museum of Villa Croce

St. Augustine - Towards a new museum

Museum of the Lighthouse "La Lanterna"

Oriental Art Museum E. Chiossone

Frugone Collections

MEI National Museum of Italian Emigration

Castello D'Albertis - Museum of World Cultures

Ligurian Archaeological Museum

Royal Palace of Genoa

Villa del Principe

Palazzo Spinola

GAM Modern Art Museum

Wolfsonian Museum

Diocesan Museum

Columbus' House, Porta Soprana City Gate and St. Andrew Cloister

Museum of Risorgimento

Capuchin Cultural Heritage Museum

Treasure Museum of St. Lorenzo Cathedral

Museum of Ligustica Accademy of Fine Arts


Pegli Maritime Museum - Villa Doria Centurione

Giannettino Luxoro Museum

Museum of the Genoa Cricket and Football Club

Chemistry Museum


Theatre Museum and Library

Jewish Museum

Open-air Museum of Jeans

City of Genoa Museum

Songwriters' Museum

Museums of Nervi

Genoa has always been a place of multiple facets, a melting pot of cultures where travellers, emigrants, writers and artists have exchanged goods, visions and experiences.

The city’s museums, often located in sumptuous palaces that constitute part of the founding fabric of its historic centre, offers a way to experience the cultural richness of the city through the centuries and allows the visitor to discover its fascinating artistic and cultural heritage.

It is an intricate heritage as its alleys, difficult to grasp and often hidden within its narrow spaces, all to be discovered, where sea, art, culture from around the world, science and nature, history and archaeology intertwine revealing, glimpses of its many different souls: from great queen of trade & navigation to superb treasure chest of ancient and contemporary art.

This site, developed by the Municipality of Genoa, aims to offer the visitor an overview of the entire museum patrimony of the city: including over 30 museums located within 10 kilometres of the city centre, belonging to the civic administration, the State or private owners and accessible to both citizens and visitors to Genoa.

Some projects that are still in development are also reported: the City Museum, which will be located in the Loggia di Banchi, a stone's throw from the Porto Antico; the Museum of Italian Emigration at the Commenda di Pré, near the old dock where the Galata Museo del Mare is located; the Casa dei Cantautori (house of the singer songwriters), which will open not far from Boccadasse at the Abbey of San Giuliano. As well as the “distributed” Museum of Jeans which is being studied, to remind us that the city was the birthplace of the "Blu di Genova".

Enjoy your visit and have a good trip!