In the heart of Genoa’s historic centre, in the steet made famous by Fabrizio De André in the song of the same name, where the historic shop “Musica Gianni Tassio" was located, is Viadelcampo29rosso, a store-museum dedicated to the “Genoese school” of Italian singer songwriting : Fabrizio De André, Luigi Tenco, Gino Paoli, Bruno Lauzi, Umberto Bindi, Ivano Fossati.

The little museum includes original LPs, photos, exhibitions and memorabilia, among which the legendary Esteve ’97, Fabrizio De André’s guitar.

Dedicated to songwriting Viadelcampo29rosso has the mission of preserving the cultural and musical heritage of the “Genoese school” and nurturing the close relationship between the city and its music: it hosts events, themed itineraries around the old city, music showcases, workshops for schools and is also available as a film set, in fact through this role it has become well-known and much appreciated both in Italy and abroad.


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