Musei di Genova Museum of Ligustica Accademy of Fine Arts

Museum of Ligustica Accademy of Fine Arts

In the city centre, overlooking Piazza De Ferrari, the historic building of the Ligustica Academy of fine arts, founded in 1751, also houses its museum: a collection of paintings and sculptures, coming from purchases or donations over the course of the institution's two-centuries of history.

The Accademia’s art collection comprises paintings, drawings, prints, engraving plates, plaster casts, bronze and marble sculptures, stone architectural elements, plaster and terracotta bozzetti, ceramics, a photography and photographic plate collection, art volumes and medals.

The most important collection, however, is that of the art gallery, which taken as a whole, constitutes a significant survey of art in Liguria from the fourteenth to the twenty-first century.

Top Ten

The rich collection of the Ligustica Academy preserves precious "gold backgrounds" and masterpieces by the great masters of the Genoese school between the 16th and 17th centuries, from Luca Cambiaso to Bernardo Strozzi and Domenico Piola, along with 19th-century works by Alfredo Luxoro, Ernesto Rayper, Alfredo D'Andrade, Serafino De Avendano, Antonio Varni.

It is also worth highlighting works by Rubaldo Merello, Plinio Nomellini, Giuseppe Cominetti, Matteo Baroni dating from the 20th century.