Plinio Nomellini "The Cliff at Quarto"

Plinio Nomellini "The cliff at Quarto"

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Author/ School/ Dating:

Plinio Nomellini (Livorno, 1866 - Firenze, 1943)

Technique and Dimensions:

Oil on canvas, 57 x 57 cm


Inv. no. MAL 969


Donation Valeria Rosini Oberti, 2000

Object Type:



Coming into the Accademia's possession through the Oberti Donation in 2000, the painting is one of four known preparatory studies for the large painting of L’imbarco dei Mille a Quarto (Departure of the Thousand from Quarto), completed by the beginning of 1911 and now housed at the Gallery of Modern Art in Novara. This historical event provides the pretext for an emotionally charged painting, characterised by the modelling effect of the colours which alternate between warm and cool tones, and by luminous, rippling strokes executed with his customary, exceptional talent.