Frugone Collections

The Frugone Collections is part of the group of Museums located in Nervi, together with the GAM Gallery of Modern Art, the Giannettino Luxoro Museum and the Wolfsonian Museum.

Villa Grimaldi Fassio, like the more imposing Saluzzo Serra, now the headquarters of GAM, is immersed in the splendid context of the park. To it the Municipality of Genoa has dedicated the collections of two entrepreneur brothers Lazzaro and Luigi Frugone, donated to the city respectively in 1935 and in 1953. The location lends itself perfectly to hosting the paintings, marbles and bronzes collected by the Frugone which testify to the sparkling atmosphere, both national and international, of the Belle Époque between the late 19th and early 20th century, with three extraordinary works by Giovanni Boldini, including the famous and magnetic portrait of Miss Bell, which alone warrants a visit to the museum.

Top Ten

The collections of these two refined collectors have no lack of examples of avante garde works of Symbolism and life painting and the representation of the landscape bathed in light, with some important works by the “Macchiaioli” Silvestro Lega, Telemaco Signorini and Giovanni Fattori.

Among the documented foreign artists, there are some works by leading figures from international post-impressionism including the great Spanish painter Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida.