Fantacinema is a very particular exhibition-museum, in fact it is the only one of its kind, where visitors are immersed in a kind of dream that captivates both old and young. Covering an area of about 600 square metres, it is housed in the splendid spaces on the ground floor of the first module of the Magazzini del Cotone in the Old Port, renovated by the architect Renzo Piano.

Inside it three important private collections are available to the public. The Pittaluga collection preserves “magic lanterns”, very rare slide projectors and the first motion film making and projection tools. The Griffith collection which is made up of rare original films - from Méliès to the fantasy and horror classics of the silent era - on film or transferred to digital media, along with equipment for projecting and editing film from the post-war period to today. And finally the Cineciak collection which consists of objects, fibreglass sculptures, original film costumes, posters and stills from the 1920s (Nosferatu, Dracula, King Kong etc.) till today (Star wars, Batman, Harry Potter, etc.).

The exhibition, based entirely on the evocative power of the objects and the participation of the visitor, was designed by the architect Paola Fazio while Maurizio Gregorini acted as Cultural Manager for the Municipality of Genoa.

Exhibitions dedicated to specific themes are often set up in the 40 seat meeting room.

There is also a rich collection of rare and hard to find gadgets dedicated to fantasy/science fiction cinema.

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