Billy the Puppet

Billy il Pupazzo del film Saw - L'enigmista

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life-size statue with the red tricycle

Accurate reproduction of Billy the Puppet of “Saw”: creepy as much as the original one, along with the red tricycle. The movie arrived at the cinema with the filmmaker James Wan seventeen years ago. “Saw” is one of the horror movies that has generated more sequels: the ninth movie “Spiral” is coming out and they’re already working on the tenth movie. Amidst traps, tortures, Machiavellian deceits, and a lot, a lot, of blood, Jigsaw, alias John Kramer, inflicts awful punishments to people that, in his opinion, have not appreciated the gift of life. The first movie had such an original plot that the audience loved it and it became big success. JigSaw uses Billy the Puppet to send messages to his victims in the game. 

Fun fact – Saw includes references to the master of Italian horror, the filmmaker Dario Argento: Billy the Puppet is in fact inspired to the scary doll of the movie “Profondo Rosso”/ “The Hatchet Murders”. Furthermore, the black gloves worn by Saw are one of the typical elements of Dario Argento’s movies, they can be found in nearly all of his films.