Musei di Genova Museum of the Genoa Cricket and Football Club

Museum of the Genoa Cricket and Football Club

The Genoa Museum is dedicated to the history of Genoa Cricket and Football Club, the oldest in Italy. The museum was inaugurated on 5th June 2009 by the Genoa 1893 Foundation and was first based in the headquarters of the historic Genoese newspaper "Il Lavoro", directed by Sandro Pertini, and, since 2013, in the 16th-century building of San Giobatta, in the setting of the Porto Antico, which in addition to the rooms of the museum also houses a covered garden.

A thematic and chronological path, which combines sport, culture and society. Interactive and multimedia solutions offer a whirlwind of emotions, including over 500 memorabilia, trophies, documents and photographs, through two centuries of history.

The Genoa Museum has among its objectives the increase, care and enhancement of the historical and cultural heritage of the oldest club in Italy. This initiative has filled some gaps in the past, such as the dispersion of historically important documents and materials. For this reason, a work of research, retrieval and acquisition of objects, relics and videos that have been lost over time was carried out, to restore them and make them accessible to the public.


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The museum of Genoa is a fascinating place, with one of the most important collections in the panorama of Italian football.

The history of Genoa Cricket and Football Club is a universe of memory that through photographs, documents, films and direct testimonies, continues to passionately tell his story and the history of Italian football.