History of the Genoa CFC

The oldest football club in Italy, founded September 7th 1893 at the British Consulate of Genoa, and only football-based society still active among the seven that formed the Italian Football Federation (later F.I.G.C.) in 1898, is fourth in the ranking of winners of the National Championship (9 Scudetti) and boasts a long series of records and legacies.
The trophy includes an Italian Cup (1937), four international triumphs (2 Cups of the Alps in 1962 and 1964, 1 Cup of Italian-French Friendship in 1963, the Anglo-Italian Tournament in 1996) and multiple successes of early competitions (special mentions to the Palla Dapples and Coppa Lombardia). The activities promoted at its origins was fundamental for spreading the practice of football and the values of the sport. James Richardson Spensley gave great impetus in this area. Doctor and philanthropist, goalkeeper and captain considered among the founding fathers of our football and scouts in Liguria, was the architect behind the introduction to Italian members. The society has been part of the Pioneers Club since 2013, a body recognized by F.I.F.A., which includes the genealogical tree of the oldest clubs in the world. The traditions of the club are traceable back to a myriad of events and names, stories and tales that have accompanied, beside the sports results, momentous transformations, changes of scenery and evolution of its customs. Genoa CFC, as a social phenomenon and community heritage in the quintessential byword for the city of Genoa itself. The club holds numerous first-time achievements, some sports-based and others related to the club and life of the Genoan society and community.