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Jewish Museum

The museum is located in the area under the dome of the Synagogue, a space which in the past was used as a Jewish school (even during the period of the racial laws).

The museum was created in 2004 at the suggestion of Gianfranco Franchini (as part of Genoa European Capital of Culture), it houses the collection "Journey into the Jewish world" by Emanuele Luzzati, which was donated by the artist to Genoa’s Jewish Community. The Museum alternates the presentation of the Luzzati collection with other exhibitions of an artistic, religious or historical/documentary nature presented to coincide with events such as the Day of Remembrance and the European Day of Jewish Culture.

Visits include access to the “Major” Synagogue, used in the summer and on the most important jewish religious holidays, as well as to the “Minor” Synagogue, where the original wooden furnishings from the 1700s can still be found, these were, until 1935, housed in the old Synagogue of the Mura della Malapaga.

For schools, combined with the visit, the museum offers thematic presentations by specialist volunteer staff with the aim, in line with the goal of the Museum, to introduce the public to the Jewish culture and the history of Judaism in Liguria and more generally in Italy.

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