GAM Modern Art Museum

The GAM, Modern Art Museum of Genoa, is part of the group of Museums located in Nervi, together with the Frugone Collections, the Giannettino Luxoro Museum and the Wolfsonian Museum.

It is located in the ancient sixteenth-century building of Villa Saluzzo Serra, a noble residence set in its wonderful parks overlooking the sea, enlarged and decorated between the mid-1700s and the early 1900s.

Originally opened in 1928 it was totally redesigned in 2004, the museum exhibits a selection of the more than 3,000 works that make up the collections of the Civic Modern Art Museum, they include paintings, sculptures, drawings and engravings and which tell, through important artistic testimonies, the long and fruitful period that runs from the nineteenth century to the present day.

The embrio from which the collection originates was a donation by Prince Odone of Savoy in 1866, this has been increased by numerous subsequent bequests and purchases, a precious testimony of the cultural and artistic development of both the city and the region.

Top Ten

GAM can lay claim to having the richest selection of publicly owned en-plein-air painting of the Scuola dei Grigi (School of Grey), with works by Tammar Luxoro, Alfredo D'Andrade and Ernesto Rayper; one of the largest selections of the divisionist work by Rubaldo Merello and two famous and impressive canvases by Plinio Nomellini. In the field of sculpture, the rich plaster casts of the great sculptor active in Rome, Giulio Monteverde, with over 50 sculptures is of particular note, and, in the room dedicated to the work of Arturo Martini, the poignant life-size terracotta, The Convalescent. Among the foreign artists represented in the collections are some of the leading protagonists of international post-impressionism including the American Richard Miller and the Parisian artist Lucien Simon.