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Strada Nuova Museums

Unesco World Heritage

In the extraordinary setting of Via Garibaldi, the magnificent Renaissance and Baroque 'Strada Nuova’, designed in the mid-16th century and site of the homes of many of the city’s rich and powerful aristocracy, this unique museum itinerary connects three palaces in order to present the most important museum of antique art in the city.

Palazzo Rosso is a "house” museum where the charm of the seventeenth-century residence is preserved through the rich art collections and historical furnishings of the Brignole-Sale family in rooms sumptuously decorated with frescoes and stuccos.

Palazzo Bianco is the main art gallery of the region, offering a rich and varied cross-section of the Ligurian school of painting from the sixteenth century, along with exceptional Flemish, Spanish and Italian works. The link between Palazzo Bianco and Palazzo Tursi crosses the site where the church of the (now demolished) monastery of San Francesco di Castelletto once stood, remnants of which can be seen in a suggestive and absolutely unique context.

Palazzo Doria-Tursi, which today also houses the Town Hall, was intended to be the most grandiose private residence built in the city in the so-called “Century of the Genoese”. Here the exhibition dedicated to 18th century painting ends and the visitor finds a rich selection of decorative and applied art: tapestries, Genoese ceramics, coins, weights and official measures from the ancient Republic of Genoa. It is here that the historic violins of Nicolò Paganini are kept, including the famous "Cannone".

The visit to the Strada Nuova Museums consists of over seventy-five rooms, it unfolds on various levels including courtyards, loggias, gardens and terraces up to the "miradore" of Palazzo Rosso and is interspersed with breathtaking views over the city and its historic centre.

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The Strada Nuova Museums preserve paintings, sculptures and applied arts from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century. The amazing picture gallery of the Brignole-Sale family, in the frescoed rooms of Palazzo Rosso and the rich picture gallery of Palazzo Bianco, house masterpieces of Venetian Renaissance painting, from Palma il Vecchio to Veronese, early 17th century Italian painting, from Caravaggio to Guido Reni and Guercino, in addition to the most complete exhibition in Liguria of Nordic painting of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and a precious selection of portraits by Anton van Dyck. The setting is the result of a masterful museographic intervention by the mid-twentieth century architect Franco Albini. Not to be missed, in Palazzo Doria-Tursi dedicated to Nicolò Paganini including his most famous violin: the “Guarnieri del Gesù”.