Theatre Museum and Library

The Civic Museum Library of the actor is one of the few Italian museums dedicated to theatre and entertainment.
Born in 1966 as a sector of the Teatro Stabile di Genova to store theatrical material, it is today a foundation for the historical and critical study of theatre, stage art and the conditions of the Italian actor.

The rich library, specializing in theatre, cinema and entertainment, has more than 44,000 volumes and 1,200 Italian and foreign magazines. The archive contains approximately 72,000 autographs, 69,000 photographs, 1,300 scripts; 4,000 sketches, caricatures, original drawings, posters, playbills, 62,000 press cuttings, more than 10,000 theatre programs. The book and archival collections are more than 70.

Visiting the Museum you can admire the studies of Gilberto Govi, Tommaso Salvini, Alessandro Fersen, Sabatino Lopez, together with other interesting memorabilia. An important collection of theatrical costumes, which belonged to Adelaide Ristori, and the Teatrino Rissone, a nineteenth-century puppet theatre donated by the Rissone-De Sica family, are being rearranged.

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